Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still Stuck on Architecture

Continuing on with hotel wonders, now it is become home wonders!

The many interesting designs all around the world make me feel like flying over to where they are so I can see them with my own two eyes.

Casa Folha, Angra dos Reis, Brazil (Aerial View)

Casa Folha
Casa Folha, otherwise known as "leaf house" appears to be made out of six huge leaves, and is not just eye candy, but also environmentally friendly. The unique design of the roof apparently shelters the home's interiors and outdoor spaces between them. The ceilings were designed to be high to allow the southeast trade wind to pass through, naturally cooling down the house  (reducing the need for air conditioning). The roof is also designed in such a way where rainwater can be collected and used for gardening and toilets, and is made of materials that are locally sourced and reused.

Villa Due Mari, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy

While Casa Folha was inspired by leaves, Villa Due Mari (or known as the "villa of two seas") appears to be inspired by branches. Designed with organic shapes and rough hewned materials, its sculptural curvilinear walls and ceiling beams look like giant branches.

Which do you prefer?

Credits to CNBC, Google Images

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hotel Wonders

While I was looking at pictures of hotels around the globe, this caught my eye. 

Axis Viana Hotel, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

The exterior is made up of reflective aluminum, black glass, and green stone, and the cantilevered design changes the shape of the hotel depending upon your vantage point, edged by an outdoor pool with views of the Lima River and Mount St. Luzia.

The rooms however, doesn't particularly appeal to me.

Room of Axis Viana Hotel, Portugal

Leveraging on the interesting sliding and dimensional effect of the building would be way more exciting. At least, for me.

Image credits to Axis Viana

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's warm here..

I live on a tropical island.

We have 2 different seasons throughout the year - hot and wet.

Which is why I'm fascinated with two seasons in particular! I absolutely adore autumn/fall and winter.
Thus, I felt my jaw drop when I saw this snow drawings by Sonia Hinrichsen (and 5 volunteers) in Rabbits Ear Pass, Colorado this January.

I gotta say, I am totally curious how they managed to make all these symmetrical circles.

Do the volunteers become dizzy after walking round and round, again and again?

Credits here

Friday, March 16, 2012

Steps to Wonderland

It was quite some time ago that I posted pictures about wonderful staircases within a house.

Here's one more!

The Gray

Can this handle the weight of a 100kg man?


We can't forget stairways outside the confines of our house too!

This is simply mindboggling.

Tiger and Turtle

I'm gonna have wonderful dreams tonight.

Credits to Yahoo! Travel

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh my, oh my.

I'm not sure whether I've ever mentioned my fascination with trains? Or cars? Or planes?

Well... I'm basically fascinated with engines and modes of transportation.

So imagine my immense delight when I found out that some cool people built a 300-foot zip lime and chugging train that resembles the Santa Fe railway in their backyard! Apparently there is also a rope tied to a tree so that we can all channel our inner-Tarzan and swing into the infinity pool. 

Sonoran Desert Home, Scottsdale-Arizona

A train! In a backyard!

I so need to remodel my house.

Credits here