Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wall Art and Features

 Such an easy way to spruce up a house!

Clock Feature

Lavenders and Lilacs

Visually Distracting and Cool Chair

Credits to Google

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Hotel Wonders

I cannot think of a name more apt for this hotel.


The name itself evokes delicious imagery within the depths of my mind, perfectly complemented by the scenery that surrounds this lovely hotel.

I humbly present, Hotel Chocolat.

Swimming Pool View

Luxe Lodges - Bedroom

Saint Lucia is one of the stunning jewels of the Eastern Caribbean, situated between Martinique to the north and Saint Vincent to the South. Boucan Hotel & Restaurant is nestled in the beautiful grounds of Rabot Estate, the island's oldest working cocoa plantation, in the south west of the island, close to the old capital, Soufriere. 

It is unfortunately, slightly pricey. 
Rack rates for its lodges start from USD$350-440, and for luxe lodges from USD$550-650 per night.

Guess I'd have to just settle for feasting my eyes on these pictures then.

Credits to Hotel Chocolat

Childhood Memories

I love carousels.

It may not be my favorite amusement ride but I still love the sight of it, love to ride on it.

However, why is it so expensive to sit in a relatively decent sized carousel where I live?

I really envy those living close to these gorgeous carousels.

Smithsonian Carousel
Washington D.C.

Crescent Park Carousel
East Providence, RI
$1, 75 cents on Thursdays

Santa Monica Pier Carousel

I am once again reminded how life is never fair.

Credits to Yahoo, Google and Flickr

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not Bright At All

Mutant Weeds
Madrid, Spain

Of all the environmental pollution that can be found in the city of Madrid, the most evident is light pollution, so much so that in our sky we can never see the Milky Way and hardly any stars. This overillumination is evident to the naked eye at a distance of more than 200 kms and produces a glow that can be seen with a medium-size telescope for more than 700 kms.
It is therefore very surprising, that at a time when the European Union is so careful with issues of environmental pollution, the Dept. of the Environment of the City Council of Madrid rules for illuminated signs, adopted a couple of years ago, changed the rules for  pharmacy signs, to allow them to be replaced with much more powerful ones.
So much light emanates from the new crosses that the environment that surrounds each pharmacy, is permanently tinted a deep, vibrant and unnatural green color. Objectively speaking, one could say that the majority of the urban green spaces in our city, are more the result of erroneous illuminated sign rules than the commitment of our institutions to provide the city with places where you can be in contact with nature.
In addition to the obvious color change of the streets, the neighbors who live in the vicinity of 24 hour pharmacies, have watched impotently as every night their rooms become disturbing green places, in which life and the perception of what happens in them is altered, without being able to do anything to avoid it.

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