Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still Stuck on Architecture

Continuing on with hotel wonders, now it is become home wonders!

The many interesting designs all around the world make me feel like flying over to where they are so I can see them with my own two eyes.

Casa Folha, Angra dos Reis, Brazil (Aerial View)

Casa Folha
Casa Folha, otherwise known as "leaf house" appears to be made out of six huge leaves, and is not just eye candy, but also environmentally friendly. The unique design of the roof apparently shelters the home's interiors and outdoor spaces between them. The ceilings were designed to be high to allow the southeast trade wind to pass through, naturally cooling down the house  (reducing the need for air conditioning). The roof is also designed in such a way where rainwater can be collected and used for gardening and toilets, and is made of materials that are locally sourced and reused.

Villa Due Mari, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy

While Casa Folha was inspired by leaves, Villa Due Mari (or known as the "villa of two seas") appears to be inspired by branches. Designed with organic shapes and rough hewned materials, its sculptural curvilinear walls and ceiling beams look like giant branches.

Which do you prefer?

Credits to CNBC, Google Images

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